Universal Shift Lamp Control Unit Black w/ Dual LED (Red)

Universal Shift Lamp Control Unit Black w/ Dual LED (Red)
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Generally to say, engine is designed in working at a certain range of rpm with upper limit, such as 8,500 rpm, that in the case the engine speed exceeds this specific rpm value is defined as "over-turn". At this moment, it will definitely cause dangers like engine overheat, engine damaged etc. Therefore, the over-turn warning indicator has been developed to protect the engine before it cross the border

  • Universal Manual Transmission Shift Lamp
  • RPM Value Sensing Range Adjustable, Dim Adjustable
  • Isolated Warning Indicator From Main Body Design, Saving Installation Space
  • White Indicator Light
  • Very Easy in Warning Indicator Settings
  • Light & Conpact
  • Works on All Vehicles with 12V Cigarette Lighter Outlet
  • Instrution Manual Included


  • Although the over-turn indicator is mainly designed for warning the engine over-turn when exceeds its upper limit, in most cases it is installed on the manual switch vehicles as drivers would need to know the engine torque and output status in deciding when to step down the throttle and when not. Usually drivers check up tachometer at the dashboard in making decision, however, in a drastic driving, it is rather dangerous in diversifying the concentration while driving.

  • The over-turn indicator (also called the shift lamp) is designed to read the vehicle's engine speed signal and can be manually set the desired rpm range according to the driver's habit or vehicle engine as required that the indicator will flash when rpm reach to the proper range for switching gear. Thus, driver will no longer need to take care of the rpm matter for switching gear at the right timing and throw himself totally on the driving without diversifying his attention on fuel saving, racing and engine protection, etc

  • The Shadow shift lamp SIRIUS is very easy in installation. What you have to do is to plug it into the cigarette lighter adaptor, That's it! The built-in program would calculate the signal from converter accurately and fit 95% vehicles on market. To compare the circuit design with that of conventional shift lamp, it is much easier in installation that even consumers can take it home and do it yourself. The quality Shadow shift lamp Sirius with dim control is isolated the warning indicator from the primary control box with more flexible option in fitting space. The built-in self-diagnosis would test system upon start up every time after installed to ensure the function in normal working status

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